mixtli [ˈmiʃ.t͡ɬi] "cloud" and cōātl [ˈkoː.aːt͡ɬ] "serpent"

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$ pip install -U mixcoatl

mixcoatl serpent

Mixcoatl provides and easy to use CLI and convenient python library for accessing the Dell Cloud Manager API.

Fast & Simple

Get started quickly using our pre-built command line tools or use the mixcoatl libraries to build your own tools.


Instantly add Multi-Cloud support to any project using mixcoatl and Dell Cloud Manager.


Python based and well documented open source project that is easily extendible.

Easy Auth

Get started quickly by setting the Access Key, Secret Key, and Endpoint. Signup for a free trial account now!

Get started with mixcoatl in about 10 minutes
>>> from mixcoatl.geography.cloud import Cloud
>>> c = Cloud.all()
>>> # Initial call made for all Clouds
>>> c
>>> # Delay while each cloud object is dereferenced
>>> c[0]
{'status': 'ACTIVE', 'current_job': None, 'last_request': '', 'name': 'Amazon Web Services', 'last_error': None, 'cloud_provider_name': 'Amazon', 'cloud_provider_console_url': 'http://aws.amazon.com', 'cloud_provider_logo_url': '/clouds/aws.gif', 'compute_endpoint': 'https://ec2.us-east-1.amazonaws.com,https://ec2.us-west-1.amazonaws.com,https://ec2.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com', 'compute_secret_key_label': 'AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY', 'documentation_label': None, 'compute_delegate': 'org.dasein.cloud.aws.AWSCloud', 'path': 'geography/Cloud/1', 'compute_account_number_label': 'AWS_ACCOUNT_NUMBER', 'private_cloud': False}
>>> type(c[0])
>>> c[0].__class__.__name__

>>> c = Cloud(1)
>>> # returns immediately
>>> c.cloud_id
>>> c.name
>>> # api call is made.
u'Amazon Web Services'

More examples in the README

"As the Dell Cloud Manager API matured, it became clear there was an opportunity to expose programmatic access to multiple clouds via a single set of command-line tools in the same way the DCM user interface allows for pointing-and-clicking."

Greg Moselle (Software Systems Engineer, Sr. Manager at Dell Cloud Manager)

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